Surrounded by a vastly deep and captivating Pacific Ocean, I have been blessed to call Oahu, Hawaii, my home.
I have learned that 'sometimes in the wind of change, we find our true direction'. After spending some time in Hawaii, change came quite unexpectedly. I almost lost my life back in 2012, and since then my perspective of life has made a huge shift. It is when we are close to losing something that we begin to realize its true importance.
Part of the healing process has been spending time in the ocean. It’s as if it somehow embraced me—providing a healthy escape from the surrounding commotion of life and living in that exact moment. I have discovered a passion. One that stirs me to wake up before the sun to go and dodge these waves in efforts to capture and freeze a pure showing of true power and untouched beauty—one that is completely out of our control.
I believe that the words spoken of the created will never fully describe the Creator. There is so much that we cannot explain or understand but plenty we can see, if we just slow down and hold on to what we see just a little while longer. The ocean is just one small part—echoing HIS power and displaying HIS might—a vital reminder of how small we are.
I find it such an honor and privilege to call this beautiful place my home. I am incredibly thankful for the gift of seeing this all with my own eyes. Taking the time to capture these moments and to share them with others is a huge part of what I truly love to do.
The Story Behind The Camera